About Us

LS Precast is a locally run and owned business located on Murray Rd in Benalla. LS Precast specialises in producing high quality precast elements for large, high profile infrastructure projects in Victoria. We are unique in that we will have our own rail siding on site meaning much of our product can be sent via train.

The construction of the facility is currently underway and the first precast elements are expected to be produced in November 2018. The products that will be produced can be found on our products page.

LS Precast will be looking to hire approximately 300 people to join the LS Precast team once the facility is complete and fully operational. We require people with a number of different skills and qualifications including, labourers, precast specialists, logistics and much more. To register your interest in joining the team please visit our careers page or drop into our shop front on Carrier St in Benalla.

LS Precast is owned and run by local operator, Ashley Day who also owns LS Quarry, located in Lima South www.lsquarry.com.au. Ashley, who is an Australian Citizen of the year (Tatong Community) recipient, is a passionate advocate for the local community and is looking forward to expanding not only his business, but the opportunities for the local region.