Matchcast Bridge Segments

Our Matchcast Bridge Segments vary in size from approximately 50 tonne to 120 tonne per segment. These are required for construction of concrete bridges and ramps.


We manufacture prestressed concrete Supertees, varying in depth from 750mm to 1800mm, and spans from 25m to 38m. Supertees are used for widening of bridges.

1200 wide prestressed Deck Planks

Spanning up to approximately 27 metres, deck planks are used for bridge spans and cut and cover tunnel structures. 

Tunnel Internal Units

Used to construct tunnel roadway and smoke duct (ceiling) these products are made from 2400mm wide prestressed planks.


2400 wide transfloor panels are used as a sacrificial formwork system, to span between the open top of the large spa steel girders.


Precast columns are used to support various bridge spans. Diameters range from 2000mm to 3300mm and are made in 3m high sections that are stressed together. All precast columns have an architectural pattern cast into the outside face.


Capitals sit on top of the columns and directly support bridge spans. These vary from approximately 120 tonnes to more than 300 tonnes. Capitals are divided into two or more pieces to limit the individual mass of any element to less than 150 tonnes. All capitals are painted black.


Our bridge parapets (concrete edge barriers to bridges) are precast in lengths of maximum 6m. Bridge parapets are cast in white concrete and have an outer architectural pattern on the outside face.


Our road barriers are precast in lengths of maximum six meters.

Noise Walls

Concrete noise walls are made from white concrete and have an architectural pattern on both faces of the wall.

Tunnel Segments and Inverts

These segments are used with a tunnel boring machine and line the tunnel as it is excavating. These precast concrete segments form a ring inside the excavation.